Master the Right Sales Techniques and Maximize Your Sales

Learn to understand and speak the customer’s language. Get knowledge and feedback on your sales skills and get sales training when and where it suits you.


Bite-sized learning for busy workdays

The Learning Path consists of these modules:

  1. Setting the scene
  2. The sales process
  3. Prepare for selling
  4. Adapt to the customer
  5. The 4 customer types
  6. Customer types
  7. Personal performance
  8. Communication skills
  9. 7 tips to master online sales meetings

The second part consists of:

  1. Sales psychology of needs
  2. How to find needs
  3. How to create needs
  4. How not to sell
  5. Practice what I preach
  6. Presenting the solution
  7. Objection handling
  8. Closing techniques
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