Cutting-Edge Digital Sales Training

This interactive learning journey offers sales professionals a fun and more engaging way to acquire the essential selling skills for achieving success.

💻 9 modules  🕒 70 min

Available in English and Danish.
Other languages provided upon additional agreement

The Art of Selling Learning Path

This learning path combines the power of technology with proven sales methodologies to deliver a dynamic and immersive learning experience.


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The modules in the learning path

Choose 9 modules for your sales training:

  1. Setting the scene
  2. The sales process
  3. Prepare for selling
  4. Adapt to the customer
  5. The 4 customer types
  6. Customer types
  7. Personal performance
  8. Communication skills
  9. 7 Tips to master online sales meetings
  1. Sales psycholofy of needs
  2. How to find needs
  3. How to create needs
  4. How not to sell
  5. Practice what I preach
  6. Presenting the solution
  7. Objection handling
  8. Closing techniques

Effective and engaging for today's learners

This learning path is built up in a way that increases knowledge retention and ensures maximum impact. 

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Interactive modules

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