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Learn to understand and speak the customer’s language. Get knowledge and feedback on your sales skills and get sales training when and where it suits you.

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Why You Should use Sales Training

In an engulfing digital universe, we have created sales training that gets you to master the knowledge and techniques you need to maximize your sale. The users can put together their own paths as needed. And every module takes less than 10 minutes, giving the users the ability to train their sales skills in a busy workday. The game is located in our user-friendly platform.

More, Better & Stronger

Step into a cool and simple universe with big cities and skyscrapers. 
You are in the running to become the successor of the legendary Mr Wang, but first you have to prove your worth. 
Mr Wang understands that sales is about turning on three throttles: more, better, and stronger. He will now teach you how to do it – but the result depends on your effort alone. 

The learning game is developed by Learning Specialists, Designers, and Sales Experts to ensure that the users will get the maximum impact and learning from the sales training. 

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

The Art of Selling is a Sales Skills Learning Flow that consists of two parts. The first part consists of these modules

01. Setting the scene

02. The sales process

03. Prepare for selling

04. Adapt to the customer

05. The 4 customer types

06. Customer types

07. Personal performance

08. Communication skills

09. 7 tips to master online sales meetings

The modules in the second part of the Sales Skills Learning Flow

01. Sales psychology of needs

02. How to find needs

03. How to create needs

04. How not to sell

05. Practice what I preach

06. Presenting the solution

07. Objection handling

08. Closing techniques

Learningbank Lifecycle Platform

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All learning flows are part of Learningbank Lifecycle Platform

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