UN Global Goals

Empower Employees to Change the World with UN Global Goals

This learning flow allows for a simple and easy way to introduce employees to the 17 UN Global Goals. With customizable content you can focus on the goals relevant to your organisation.

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Why integrate the UN Global Goals into your company?

Sustainability is here to stay. Period. Employees are seeking out the companies, who want to make a difference for the climate, society, and the people in this world. 

Employees expect that companies are serious about sustainability, so companies need to think and act with sustainability in mind if they wish to stay competitive and grow in the long run – and build a strong brand reputation among the talent pool.

How to use the goals in practice

The purpose of the games is to translate the goals into something actionable. The aim is for all employees to know and understand the goals, talk about them, and most importantly: do something about them! 

To ensure maximum impact of the learning, we use learning games, self-evaluation, smaller exercises, practical cases, videos, tips & tricks

  • Gain knowledge about the goals
  • Equip employees to take action
  • Real life scenarios to give employees hands-on experience

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

UN Global Goals Training is part of the Corporate responsibility Learning Flow and consist of these modules

01. Introduction to the global goals

02. Self-assessment

03. The global goals game

04. The global goals in real life

05. Which global goals do we work with

06. Food sorting game

07. Stop energy waste

08. Ideas and inspiration

09. The Global Goals Jeopardy

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