The best insights from bright L&D professionals are coming up. The podcast, WORK 3.0, is now broadcasting a special series, L&D STORIES, about learning and development on the job, and now, we are ready with the third episode.

In this series, we’ll talk to experts who know a lot about the best ways for employees to learn. So, these special episodes are especially for you, who work with learning and development, but, of course, you are always more than welcome to listen in, if you just want inspiration for how you can learn even better at your workplace.  



Our guest in this episode is Christian Haahr Sigsgaard, who is Group VP of Learning and Development at Valtech, and he has many, many years of experience within the field of L&D. 

In this episode, you will gain Christian's insights about, for example: 

  • Why the content model is broken 
  • Varieties of learning initiatives 
  • Why doing less eLearnings is a KPI for his team 
  • Craft Circles 
  • Who the winners of L&D will be in the future