WORK3.0 Learning & Development

The best insights from bright L&D professionals are coming up. The podcast, WORK 3.0, is now broadcasting a special series, L&D STORIES, about learning and development on the job, and now, we are ready with the final episode.

In this series, we’ll talk to experts who know a lot about the best ways for employees to learn. So, these special episodes are especially for you, who work with learning and development, but, of course, you are always more than welcome to listen in, if you just want inspiration for how you can learn even better at your workplace.  



Our guest in this final episode of L&D Stories is Jaqueline Jensen who is Learning & Development Manager at Pure Gym Denmark, and except from L&D, she’s also very experienced when it comes to strategic business concepts, change management, and organizational development. 

In this episode, you will gain Jaqueline's insights about, for example: 

  • How you can actually get overwhelmed with engagement - and what it takes to get a lot of engagement
  • Why the L&D department have to be visible to the organization and why you are lost if the HR department doesn't have a seat at the management table 
  • Why the word 'involvement' is key when you create learning for your audience
  • Microlearning is here to stay
  • Don't compete against the internet and social media 
  • Use blended learning to get a good digital start
  • When the stakeholders have success you as an L&D person have success
  • Why looking at the generation gaps between employees is important for the future
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