The best insights from bright L&D professionals are coming up. The podcast, WORK 3.0, is now broadcasting a special series, L&D STORIES, about learning and development on the job, and now, we are ready with the 5th episode.

In this series, we’ll talk to experts who know a lot about the best ways for employees to learn. So, these special episodes are especially for you, who work with learning and development, but, of course, you are always more than welcome to listen in, if you just want inspiration for how you can learn even better at your workplace.  



Our guest in this episode is Allan Nørgaard, who is HR & Academy Director at KVIK, which is an international company selling kitchens, and he has been in the HR industry for almost 20 years. He is especially experienced when it comes to connecting the people strategy with the business strategy

In this episode, you will gain Allan's insights about, for example: 

  • Knowing people's backgrounds is more important than the theory behind the learning content
  • The importance of easy access and a clear payback for learners
  • Stakeholder management and knowing the business is key for making L&D successful in your organization - especially if you are the one-(wo)man-army in the L&D department
  • How to sell value not training 
  • Why the digital platform is winning today
  • How to get a seat with the top management team as an L&D professional 
  • How to stay relevant to your audience 
  • And how focusing on your L&D initiatives sales can go up