Digital learning strategy

You love your new platform. You created beautiful learning content. And now, you cannot wait for the world to know and bring it to life. 

But this part is not always as easy as it seems. You know the digital learning content is great. But maybe it is harder to convince your co-workers. Get the four steps to get them all on board and create a successful digital learning strategy.   

4 Steps - The Successful Digital Learning Strategy 

  1. Know your audience
    Do your research. Are your employees ready to do digital learning content? Communicate outside your HR circle, directly to the employees. Think: What’s in it for them? Not: What’s in it for me? In that way, you start creating a learning culture going from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’. Let them know why they should spend time go through the learning. 
  2. Attention
    Let the employees know the learning is coming, and as we mentioned at point 1: Give them the arguments about what is in it for them. An example: They can complete the learning whenever and wherever it suits them. Create a teaser video for your company’s intranet or as a mail notification and make poster’s to set up in hallways and the cafeteria. In this way, you build up excitement and employees will be more eager to do the learning content as it is released.
  3. The live phase
    Go big when you push the button. Throw an event with a pop-up quiz, bubbles to drink, and cake to eat. Set up new posters with tricky questions from the learning content. This makes people reflect, and they get curious to see the answers. Furthermore, from an employer branding perspective it is a good idea to post this at your company’s LinkedIn-page and in Facebook groups to tell: ‘Hey! At our company we care about our employees’ learning and development’
  4. Retention
    Think about releasing some of the content at the time. This is called stretched learning. In that way, you do not overload employees with information and content to complete. At the same time, you give time to employees to catch, grasp, and reflect upon each learning content. Remember as well to get managers onboard and create ambassadors for the learning content, so they can keep up with employees and help them complete the content.

A Circular Process

When you are live with your platform or content in the organization, it is not a linear process. Meaning, that you do not just press the launch button and wait for the completion rate to go up and do nothing more, except from relax maybe. This is clear by now, after completing the four steps of creating a successful digital learning strategy. A lot of activities are going on before you go live, when you go live, and after you go live. And this is a circular process in constant digital hr transformation, which is very relevant to modern employee development.

The engagement circle goes on and on - all year - all the time. It is not a one-off event, but it is a process in which you re-visit, optimize, and update your learning materials. If you have a heavy or difficult learning topic for the organization or a specific department to complete, a tip is to have an eye on completion rates. If it is lacking a bit, a good idea is to create some healthy competition to get everybody on board. Who can get the highest score rate? And maybe a prize for the department, that did the best? 

The engagement circle is about developing your learning material, but also getting all the learners to engage with the content to make them develop and grow.  

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