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Companies are getting smarter every day through Digital HR. In this post, you can learn more about transforming your company's HR for the better.

There is an urgency for companies to become more digital. And HR is no exception. 

What will your company focus on? We have gathered best practices for how companies can carry it out.

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Experts on Digital HR: Adapt or die

Experts say that companies’ ability to adapt to digital now, will determine success or death. Also, they even compare it with Darwin’s theory of evolution: if your business doesn’t adapt, it will die.

Obviously, your employees are more digital and connected, even more now.

Technology has changed our lives, so why shouldn’t the workplace follow? In fact, employees working in digitally improved workplaces are more productive and motivated.

One expert who emphasizes adaption to digital is Brian Solis. Here are his thoughts:

”Digital transformation is the most important movement facing companies today. It is forcing businesses to look beyond the world as they know it. Observe how things are changing on the outside, to change, transform philosophies, models, and systems on the inside.”

Brian Solis (Source)

HR and learning expert Josh Bersin compares the COVID-19 pandemic to a huge business transformation. This is where the focus on learning and development comes in.

As a result, learning now returns to the center of HR, and there is more focus on workforce development. He even says that we might soon see the first TikTok for learning.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to report that the L&D market is as healthy as I’ve ever seen it. […] companies are throwing money at workforce development.”

Josh Bersin (Source)

Business leaders and HR professionals are focusing more on the digitalization of HR

66% of business leaders state that if their company does not digitalize more by 2020, it will no longer be competitive. Also, 88% of chief HR officers say they need to invest in three or more technologies over the next two years.

Whereas experts share their advice, and surveys emphasize the importance, you will need to do the groundwork to understand how it is applied in your company.

Here are some top insights to help kickstart an HR revolution in your company.

Top insights you need to know about Digital HR & transformation

We cover 4 areas:

1) How you get started

2) Digital Employee Engagement and Experience

3) Utilizing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in your training

4) Analytics in HR.

1. How do you start HR transformation?

There’s a beginning to everything. 

Read these articles beneath to get insights on how you get your company onboard the HR transformation digitally.

2. Digital Employee Engagement and Employee Experience

Every HR professional knows about Employee Experience and Employee Engagement. 

Indeed, these subjects are well discussed in this century – with good reason. You can empower this digitally! Read more:

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3. How you can use Virtual Reality and AI for your workplace

Virtual reality and AI as part of experiential learning is growing. 

For instance, people working in factories, who need training on machines, are able to use VR to actually experience what they learn, before applying it in practice. 

Obviously, this also improves safety. Check out these articles and learn more about VR and AI in HR.

4. Analytics in HR

HR is often seen as this soft area of business. 

However, today HR professionals have perfect opportunities to get data on an organization’s ability to attract, train and retain employees.

With tools to get data and knowledge about your organization and employees, you help your workforce meet their goals.

Moreover, you can keep learning and development in good pace.

Read more about this in these articles:

We hope you find these articles insightful and that it can help you get started with transforming HR in your business.