Case: Jagger

The Paper Trail Is Long Gone and here Comes Mobile Learning

Learn how easy Jagger got started with digital training. Watch the video and download the case.

Goodbye Paperwork

Soft brioche rolls, juicy beef, and young, smiling employees. These are some of the essence that captivates the young burger company Jagger, which has a logo that rapidly takes up more space in the city of Copenhagen. And with new restaurants come more employees, who all need to be trained in everything from how to handle food to why it is important to give great customer service.

About Jagger

Jagger was founded in 2016 by the former Michelin chef Rasmus Oubæk and Christian Brandt with the vision of creating an alternative to existing burger restaurants. A place, where the food is always fresh, and where ingredients are premium quality, with excellent flavour at a good price.

Up until recently the way Jagger trained their employees was a bit analogue, however.

“It was a very old-fashioned way we trained our employees, before Learningbank got in the picture. We printed learning materials for them, where they should just learn about our products and how they handled the cashier. It was not thought through. It is young people we are talking about here, and they do not want to read a piece of paper,” Alejandra Hansen Frøding says, Head of Staff at Jagger.

A new way of thinking learning was because of that fact a must-have at Jagger.

“The young people sit with their phones all day long, and because of that it is clear, that it would be a service to them if we thought more about digital types of training, when they sit with their phones anyway. Personally, I also lose concentration if I have to read a pile of text materials in a learning situation instead of watching videos of what I need to learn,” Alejandra Hansen Frøding says, and continues:

“So, here we were with this big communication or mediation challenge of our learning materials, where it was most important to us to communicate them in a way that employees understand, while at the same time, they get the right quantity of learning with the right learning methods. And if I am completely honest, I could not even comprehend how we should grasp this, but then my manager and I had this meeting with Learningbank, and then we were like: “Wow. Now, we see the purpose of it all, and how we should handle this.”

A Strong Sense of Belonging with Digital Tools

“As I said, everything made total sense at the meeting, and it was striking how skilled and capable experts there are in Learningbank. They told us, for example, why preboarding is important, and how we could create a strong sense of belonging immediately for new employees in Jagger. We had not thought of that before,” Alejandra Hansen Frøding says.

Preboarding begins when the employee has signed the contract, and now just waits to step into the door and get introduced to the new job. With preboarding you drum up excitement for the new employee. An excitement that already exists prior to the first day at the job. At Jagger there were some new insights they have not thought about before, but now were perfectly clear.

“In our case, it made good sense that a new employee might not think about what kind of flavour we use in our brioche rolls at first, but rather think about what kind of people they are going to work alongside with. Are they young? Do I have to be fancy dressed? That is why a new and different approach to preboarding with help from Learningbank made totally good sense to us.”

Jagger’s new preboarding program shows, for example, videos, where the co-founder presents Jagger, and, at the same time, you meet a bunch of your new co-workers on video, who tell you about how it is to work at Jagger. Furthermore, the program comes with evaluation and quizzes to engage and activate the new employees.

“Our preboarding has been designed in a way, so you have to go through a lot of different, little paths and along the way you get tested. And then it is easy to get quite competitive and get all the right answers. The preboarding is almost ready now, and something I really enjoyed about the process is, that Learningbank created a template for it all, and then we have adapted the content as a part of an ongoing process alongside Learningbank.”

Besides from a digital preboarding program, Jagger is already in the process of designing new learning modules in, for example, customer service, sales, GDPR, hygiene training, and much more. For Alejandra Hansen Frøding there are several things that have been amazing by supplementing the training with digital learning.

“It has been so easy to get started, and Learningbank held my hand throughout the entire process. Katrine (ed. Senior Customer Adoption Manager) has, in particular, been so patient with me, because I think, I have been calling her a million times for inputs, and each time she has been so nice, responds fast, and has come up with specific solutions every time. And this process has happened twice! Because then Coro- na came, while we were in a good run with the first process, and then it was put on hold, before we now again have started the process once again with the help from Learningbank. And Katrine is really my favorite person at the moment.”

About the Result and the Whole Experience

“Everything is produced really well. We just show pictures, videos, and of course a bit text. It really catches the audience. The platform has been very easy to work with. I do not have to give a lot of thought about how I should do this, because the templates are so manage- able. I just have to set in the content where it fits, and think about how to make it Jagger’ish. It is not unmanageable. It has been very straightforward.”

“I have an overall great experience with Learningbank. It has been easy and straightforward, and they just have some super skilled people, who are ready to help, if there is just the smallest little thing.”

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