An Innovative Bank Demands Tailored Learning Experiences

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In this case you will read how Lunar:

  • Creates learning adapted to employee level, while the content is tailored to Lunar’s brand and tone-of-voice.
  • Gets a quick overview of who have completed the training to meet regulatory demands.
  • Receives positive feedback from employees on the new form of digital training.

About Lunar

Lunar is a young, digital bank, which has been on the market since 2015. They, for example, give their customers a quick overview of their spending through their app. Lunar’s mission is to be a different bank, which gives their customers the best options to optimize their spending and keep an eye to their finances smarter. In 2020 Lunar got an investment of more than 750 million DKK.

About Nanna Kvist

Nanna Kvist has been with Lunar since 2017 and today she’s a part of their growing HR-team. She has a back- ground in strategic communications and daily in Lunar she works with internal communications, recruitment, and employer branding.

From Dull Paragraphs to Emojis

What is the first thing you think of, when you hear the word ‘bank’? Is it old, rich men in suits? Stats and arrows pointing up and down? Piles of dollars and euros? Or maybe an ocean of numbers, paragraphs, and hidden fees you need to wrap your head around? However, a classic bank stereotype you will not find in Lunar. An innovative and different bank, which has only been around since 2015, but already now are growing in a rapid pace.

And with an innovative bank comes a wish to create new learning experiences for their employees.

“Before Learningbank came into the picture we didn’t have any training that was fit for us. What we had didn’t speak to our people and didn’t stick. Furthermore, it is also difficult to create training for us – because no one is like us,”

Nanna Kvist says, HR Coordinator in Lunar.

“But it is necessary that we have training in for example IT security, anti-money laundering, and GDPR, even though it seems boring as f***. But when you are a bank, there is a certain expectation that you are trustworthy, and that you comply to rules in the financial area, and this, we, of course, must live up to.”

That is why Lunar chose to give up the dry bank language and instead let their employees taste a learning cocktail containing of different formats, such as video, text, and other visual elements, to make them wiser on subjects as anti-money laundering, GDPR, and IT security.

Lunar has created all of their learning in Learningbank’s Learning Lifecycle Platform, where they also have used the opportunity to suit the content to different departments and levels.

“We must acknowledge that our employees are different, when we sent out learning. Just as an example, then we all know how it is to tune out, when you are in a meeting, that has nothing to do with ‘me’. That is why we have created a GDPR module adapted to fit different departments. Furthermore, we have created anti-money laundering modules: A basis module for the entire organization, an expansion version for the customer roles, and now, we are about to create an expert module, where paragraphs are part of the content, which is not part of the content in the basis module,” Nanna Kvist says and continues:

“That is why it has been important to us to have a learning platform where we easily can create all of the training ourselves. We have a unique tone of voice, and that is why, we also got it as a feature with the help from Learningbank, that you now can use emojis, when creating learning content.”

“Besides that, it is really nice, that everything runs automatically in the platform, and when new employees joins Lunar, they automatically receive learning from the platform."

A Quick Overview

The employees get introduced to the digital learning in their onboarding. It is both because Lunar is aware of, that the employees want to perform well at the beginning of their employment and are more eager to complete the learning content. But it is also to make it an integrated part of Lunar’s everyday to learn digitally going forward. Furthermore, there are some features in the platform that fits perfectly into Lunar’s setup.

“We get a great overview in the platform of who has completed the different learning modules, and as a bank we have some obligations, so it is really nice, that we quickly can generate a list of who has completed the learning and be in control in that way.”

“Besides that, it is really nice, that everything runs automatically in the platform, and when new employees joins Lunar, they automatically receive learning from the platform. We, the administrators also get an automated notification, and it is especially nice, when we are a company who runs fast in our workdays,” Nanna Kvist says.

The Employees’ Reaction

And even though that the immediate thought would be that heavy topics, such as GDPR, would frighten the employees, it has not been the case at all.

“But of course you can think: oh no, GDPR is totally boring. And now I have to read Karlov’s law books. But then they only get a positive surprise, when they realize it is a video they should see instead. We have clearly experienced, that after we have made tailored learning content for our employees, it is practiced in real life, because it relates to the reality the employees are in. We only receive positive feedback. The employees say, that it is very intuitive to go through,” Nanna Kvist says.

Going forward Lunar will focus more on digital learning as they grow. “The entire journey we are on has been so unpredictable. So, what we need to focus on is to stay in this sweet spot where we present the employees for training to the bank sector, which is created in a Lunar context. We do not want to end up somewhere, where a lot of others end up, where they create a learning library, and then the employees just can go in themselves and find it. We will work with a segmentation approach, where we combine the employees with relevant learning.”

“We feel that Learningbank has been very accommodating on our journey, and it has been great to feel that they like us has the startup vibe in their DNA. I have felt, that in the process we have had a lot of requests, and here, Learningbank has always been very responsive,” Nanna Kvist says.

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