Competition Law - Explained

Training employees on competition law is crucial for protecting organizations from risk and ensuring that employees are acting in the right way.

💻 4 modules  🕒 45 min

Available in English and Danish.
Other languages provided upon additional agreement

The Competition Law Learning Path

This interactive learning path gives your employees an understanding of; what competition law is, how it applies to their day-to-day activities, and how they can ensure compliance.


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“I will definitely recommend Learningbank to other companies because the learning platform is very user-friendly – not just for the many employees who need to learn new skills, but the platform is also very easy to administrate, and it’s easy to create different learning paths.”
Søren L, Crossbridge Energy

Effective and engaging for today's learners

This learning path is built up in a way that increases knowledge retention and ensures maximum impact. 

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Learning games

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Video and challenges


Real-life scenarios

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