retain employees keep them happy

What does data say about the happiest employees? In today's episode of WORK 3.0, happiness expert and founder of Friday Pulse, Nic Marks, and CEO & founder of Learningbank, Stine Schulz talk about the best ways to retain employees and keep them happy at the same time. 



Boredom and Stress

"The data is very clear on happiness. Unhappy people leave. It's a signal to change something. If they are very unhappy they are three times as likely to leave," says Nic Marks in the podcast.

Furthermore, Stine and Nic discuss the reasons why people leave and what the data says. For example, boredom, stress, and the lack of opportunities at work. However, there are plenty more drivers for leaving too.

Stine and Nic also talk about how to address the reasons for leaving. 

How to Recognize Employees

"For me, it's about being authentic. I won't have a checkmark in my calendar, where it says, 'now go recognize'," says Stine Schulz in the podcast, when they move on to talk about how to recognize employees. 

Both Nic and Stine give tips on how to recognize and appreciate employees to keep them happy too. 

In the podcast, they also talk about how to give learning and development opportunities, how to prevent burnout, and to create the right work-life balance for employees. 

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