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What's up with work these days? Do you still enjoy working from your home office? Or do you prefer seeing your co-workers face-to-face?  

And what about the ongoing recession – are thoughts about losing your job creeping into your mind more often than you’d like? And now, we haven’t even started to talk about AI, ChatGPT, and all the other robot kinds of stuff that obviously will steal your job. Or will it just make your workday easier? 

Catch your breath and relax. The podcast, WORK 3.0, is back with a brand new season kicking it off by checking in on the current status of the workplace, where you can wise up on all the trends going on right now. 



Flexibility, but how?

"I think the next generation of employees will just expect flexibility, so, companies need to update their policies now," says Camilla Kikkenberg, Owner of Cirko Media. This is one of the major points that we'll talk about in the first episode of the new season of WORK 3.0.  

However, flexibility can mean one thing for one employee, and something different for another. This is what Camilla and the other guest, Silje Kølln Laursen, Adoption & Learning Manager in Learningbank discuss. For example, Silje tells her own story about just coming back from Portugal, where she worked while taking surfing breaks. That is flexibility to her. 

Nature in the Workplace

Furthermore, Silje and Camilla talk about other trends like the hybrid workplace, AI, the recession's impact, learning trends, and nature in the workplace. 

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