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How many people do we need? And what challenges can occur? These are common questions most people ask, when they have to get started with the Learning Lifecycle Platform. Here, you will find more questions and - of course - the answers that can give you a flying start with your new Learning Lifecycle Platform. 

How Many Internal Resources Do I Need to Spend in the Beginning?

First of all, it is important that you map out how digital your company or organization is. If you are very digital, then you do not have to spend a lot of resources, and it will be easy to create new digital learning in the platform - especially, if you already have experience in working in LMSs or other learning platforms. 

If you are not very digital and are mostly used to work with learning in workshops and PPTs, then you have to spend some more resources getting to know the platform. If this is the case, Learningbank will send you digital materials that can help you step by step in how to transform your old materials to new, engaging learning materials. 

However, regardless of you are used to click around in all kinds of digital software or you have a hard time even logging on to your mail program, Learningbank got your back.

Our onboarding to the platform - The Online Super User Training - takes only a maximum of 2 hours to complete, whereas other vendors often have several weeks of onboarding. Furthermore, our Learning Specialists and Support Team are always ready to help you at every step of your new learning journey. 

How Many People Do I Need Internally in this Process?

5 Super Expert Admins. That is the total maximum of people you need in your new platform, and that is whether you are a small start-up or a large global enterprise.

A Super Expert Admin knows about and understands all the features in the platform. She has build up the platform and created a design guide. To elaborate, we recommend that you create a design guide, so everyone with admin rights know how to create learning customized your business' needs. 

You can still have a lot of regular admins. These you can give different rights in the platform, for example, that they can only access the authoring tool - whatever suits you and your business organization. 

We will always encourage you to dream big but start small. For example, creating a learning path and then build on top of that. We know that you are eager to get a lot going on in your platform, which is great, as long as you don't drown in all of your dreams and ideas.

You can also go in another direction. In some (larger) organizations, you can, for example, start separate tracks: A compliance track or an onboarding track, where the responsible individuals for these processes in the organization also become the ones that are responsible for creating the content for these learning paths. 

Nonetheless, we recommend that you always are a minimum of two people starting up the platform, because then you have a sounding board you can give and receive feedback from in the process.

If you are a smaller company or new to the field of learning and development in general, Learningbank can also provide you with a network of our other customers from the same type of business as your business. In this network, you can share your experiences and get inspiration. 

What Challenges Can Occur? 

1. A Busy Workday

People are busy. You are probably too. And what we often see, is that this is something new, that must be implemented in that busy workday.

As a solution, we recommend that you work with milestones. We create these together and make a project plan for the content, learning paths, etc. that must be finished up along the ride. In this way, you will go live with the platform faster, and it will be easier to handle, when you have a plan to stick to. 

2. The Technical

Software, apps, and platforms like the Learning Lifecycle Platform develop all the time. This is necessary to improve the user experience, but it can seem as a challenge, when something changes.

However, you can always go to your Adoption Manager in Learningbank, which will help you regardless of whatever problem that might occur. Our Support Team can also help quickly.  

When we work with something digital, bugs can play peek-a-boo. This is all natural, but if you find something odd, please always get in touch with your Adoption Manager or the Support Team. We can fix it quickly, and can always find a way to work around a bug. So, don't panic. 

3. A Missing Strategy

It is always a good idea to create a strategy, where you start by exploring and researching the needs and digital status of your organization to get a flying start.

Ask: How ready are we for this, digitally? Do we have an updated browser? The last question can seem off for some, but if you, for example, use Internet Explorer, you should change it to another browser or the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

Do you have a learning culture? Or do you want to create one from scratch? And do you have ambassadors internally that can brand your project and talk to co-workers about how exciting this new way of learning will be.

Find even more tips and tricks to get a great start in Learningbank's Guide to LMS Implementation and User Adoption