protect data

Right now, hackers and con men have glorious days. People shop and spend more time online than ever before, and that is why IT Security is becoming more important. You can often do a lot on your own to block and prevent IT security breaches when you browse the web and look over your mailbox for potential phishing.

But when you use closed systems such as a Learning Lifecycle Platform, it is important that you know that all personal data, for example, employee data from an integration setup, is safe. 

How the Learning Lifecycle Platform Protects your Data

In Learningbank we, first and foremost, practice what we preach, when it comes to securing data and prevent IT security breaches. All employees get engaging and gamified digital training in both GDPR and IT Security - and this is not a one-off event. Every year we all get a brush-up with the latest updates and regulations. But this is of course not the only thing securing your data. 


Furthermore, Learningbank has an ISAE-3402  type 2 IT certification based on the ISO-27001 certification. This is an international standard, which declares that a company having this certification has a high level of IT security and controls and meets all regulations, laws, and good IT ethics. Moreover, it means that Learningbank has documented processes which are examined and revised yearly from an external audit company. 

Data Experts

It is only a hand-full of internal employees who have access to the deep infra-structure and production environment behind the platform, and they are all full-blown experts in handling data - and, especially, personal data. They make sure your data is always safe and protected. 

Virus - and Threat Detecting Software

Learningbank's virus - and threat-detecting software monitors and surveil our production environment and account for suspicious activities, which should not be there. This software prevents and detects threats instantly. Our team will respond and react quickly too if anything comes up.  

Access Management 

Not all users, or learners as we call them, have access to all information in the platform. As an administrator, you can set your own rules, and choose which learners or other administrators can gain access to specific content and information on a detailed level. 

Backups and Encrypting

The Learning Lifecycle Platform do backups from the latest 24 hours and keeps the backup safe for the following 30 days. All network communication is encrypted through TLS 1.2.

Read more about our Privacy & Security Framework here.