digital sales training

Digital sales training is often cheaper than external courses, and creates better learning retention using gamification, narratives, less reading, and active learners.

You want to enable your Sales team to do their work even better. Give them skills to nurture prospects and close deals. Ultimately, increase customer experience.

However, sales training can be expensive. If you pull out your entire team for multiple days of course work, for example.

Also, classroom training can prevent the right learning retention. If presented in a dull non-engaging way, learners will easily forget the information.

Information, which is already vanishing drop by drop from the brain according to Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, if not presented in an engaging and meaningful way, anyway.

Your Sales team needs quick, relevant, and engaging learning content that sticks. Sales training in a digital universe can be a solution.

The pros of enabling sales training in a digital universe

  • Cheaper than external courses

  • Better learning retention using gamification, narratives, less reading, and active learners

  • The Sales team can practice when and where it suits them

  • Training can be presented in small digestive bites (Microlearning/Bite-Sized-Learning)

  • Failing and practicing with no consequences

  • Re-visit digital sales training modules for a quick brush-up

  • Analytics and reporting for improving team performance

Digital sales training is, however, not a one-off and only solution. But it can be a cheap and great way to boost sales performance right away and a valuable add-on in a blended learning mix for your learning and development.

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