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The Best Onboarding Process Happens in the first 90 Days

The first 90 days of onboarding determine whether the cooperation becomes successful.

When a new employee experiences a high service level from her colleagues and leader during the first 90 days of employement, she is much more likely to work harder and have more positive attitude towards her new employer. This was the conclusion of a study based on 294 recently hired employees. 

This is certainly a great factor to include when you want to create the best onboarding process possible for your company.

Source: Academy of Management, 2012.

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The same study also showed the following: If the new employee does not receive guidance and/or answers to her questions, then there is a significantly higher risk, that this employee becomes unhappy and unproductive. 

And this employee may leave the company before 3-4 months of employment. 

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Do You Make this Classic Onboarding Mistake?

Some companies have an onboarding program for new employees, and think that they are 'home safe'. But we have to remember that onboarding is more than just formal training. 

Michel Falcon from the Experience Academy says that onboarding is:

“The design of what your new employees feel, see and hear after they have been hired.”

In other words, in the best onboarding process, we need to ensure great onboarding by involving colleagues and managers as well. 

Ensuring that everyone in the company understands their role in creating a great experience for new employees (from day one!) is the right way to go. 

Combine this attitude with formal onboarding training, and your organization is well on its way to creating great onboarding.