How IIH Nordic Creates Quality Employee Training
in 20 Minutes 

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IIH Nordic is a digital marketing agency focused on creating measurable and valuable results for businesses and organizations. IIH Nordic has around 50 employees in Denmark plus several freelancers around the globe. They have a 4-day work week and have been awarded as Denmark's best workplace various times. 


IIH Nordics' challenges used to be upscaling any kind of learning and training as well as making time for employee training.

With a shorter work week of only 30 hours a week means they need to get training and onboarding in the schedule in less time than companies working the standard Danish 37-hour weeks. And this used to be very tricky as well.


By putting all training and information in the Learning Lifecycle Platform, IIH Nordic can now quickly create learning for existing employees.

As an example, when they recently went through some major organizational changes, they used the platform allowing them to easily send out new policies and information and make sure it was all understood by their employees.

The platform additionally helped them scale their onboarding of new hires. 

Rebecca Mårtensson,  People & Culture Generalist at IIH, says one of her favorite features in the platform is the AI Learning Helper (part of Learningbanks Intelligent Content Creator).  It helps her create learning content a lot faster. 

"Before it took me approximately 2 hours to make a [course]module, whereas today it takes 20-30 minutes."

All the different features of the platform and how you can build the training with gamification makes it engaging and effective. "Now the employees feel that it is a bliss to go through the learning and the training in the platform." 


"All employees love the way the onboarding is now structured", says Rebecca. In the internal survey that measures how new hires feel about their first time at the company, the employees give their pre- and onboarding 10 out of 10! 

"It lets the new hires be part of the culture already before starting. And the way it is built up with gamification has made it really fun for them to go through."

Time-saving is also a huge and important result for IIH due to their shorter work week. And here the platform is really making a big difference as employee training becomes more efficient in the company.

A good example is how they now save about 4 hours per new hire thanks to the platform. And how do they do that?

Well, instead of having 20 minutes of introduction sessions with various long-term employees, the new hires now get that information through the platform. All in nice bites that unlock little by little as the first days and weeks go by.

"Now the employees feel it's a bliss to go through the learning & training in the platform."

Rebecca explains why IIH Nordic prioritize learning & development for their employees: "We have a market where people get opportunities from all over the world and our employees are headhunted down several times a day."

By giving employees a great welcome and opportunities to grow throughout their time at IIH it helps them to both attract and retain employees better

"It creates a really good impression that last for a long time", says Rebecca. 

Key takeaways

  • Gives structured pre- & onboarding experience for a good, lasting impression 
  • Saves time creating learning & training content with smart AI-tools
  • Enables employee development & growth in a scalable way
  • Collects onboarding, training, and information in one place making it easy to share information to all employees quickly