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Increased sales numbers with digital learning

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Change Lingerie opened up their first store in 2001, and now, has more than 200 stores across the world. Change’s vision is to be affordable, modern, and innovative with the perfect fit regardless of body shape and size.


Change has used Learningbank’s platform for many years, and originally it was because they needed to reach the employees in a more efficient way.

At first, Change sent out internal newsletters for the employees, but now they use the platform for, for example, digital onboarding, GDPR training, and designing learning content with short videos and follow-up tests, that gives the newest knowledge about new collections and products.


”We get new products every other week. Here, we have a sales coach who presents the products in a video-format, and, at the same time, gives the good sales techniques for selling the products. After that the employees get some small test questions. The video usually takes less than two minutes,” Emil Solhøj Nørgaard says, International Retail Coordinator in Change.

It is easy to build up hierarchies in the Learning Lifecycle Platform, and this is something Change has been fostering when we zoom in on their department structures.

“Every Store Manager has an administrative role, where they can see their own store, and thereby track how their own employees handle the learning paths. The next level is Sales Coaches, who typically have 5-7 stores. They can all agree that the ‘Track Learning’-function in the administrative tool in the platform works very well, and they use it a lot.”

Track Learning is a tool in the platform, which is a part of the administrative dashboard, where you can click directly at a learning path and see the completion rate for the specific learning path right away.

Emil himself is the one who primarily uses the larger analysis tool, which can give him specific numbers on completion rates in the different countries and in Change’s brands, which he also sends out to the different Country Managers to provide them with an overview.

Learningbank’s support is also essential, when Emil needs extra help, he says:

“I’ve been very satisfied with the help and support from Learningbank. Previously, I used Katrine a lot (ed. Senior Customer Adoption Manager), who has an extremely high service level and she always gives a quick reply. But now I’m also in touch with the support group from Learningbank, who always gives a great service, responds quickly, and gives – not the least – useful answers.


The effort from the employees in the stores and the product videos get the numbers going and Change can thereby measure a specific output from sending out the learning content.

”When the product videos are released, we can see that sales numbers at the specific products get higher.”

"Furthermore, we can see that our efforts are working, because we also send out videos about visual merchandising (ed. how stores can display the products in a more efficient way). Here, we have seen a clear improvement in how the stores do it, and, at the same time, the stores are more aligned and have the same visual outlook. There are more elements to it but combined we have seen that the processes have succeeded in that wishes from the headquarters have been met to a higher degree," Emil Solhøj Nørgaard says and continues:

“We are on a very good track and have a high completion rate on more than 95% on our onboarding and GDPR training, and an average around 95% on product videos,” Emil Solhøj Nørgaard says.

Out in the store sales training is practiced on the floor, and the digital training and onboarding support the training on the floor. Blended Learning, where you mix a lot of different training activities, is an integrated part of the culture in Change.

The employees themselves get involved too in shaping the training.

“Something the employees are really happy about, besides getting quick information about something happening out in the stores, is that they get involved in the process of shaping our learning content. They give specific inputs to how the product videos, for example, should be made.”

“Besides, it is not necessarily all products which the stores get, but they still have the option to order them, and with the product videos they can easily get a quick overview over the product assortment,” Emil Solhøj Nørgaard says.

Change plan to make it even more interesting for the employees to get information and product knowledge.

“The platform is a very good channel to get our employees to learn about our products and give them information. It is a necessary time they spend in there, which creates value on the other side.”

Overall, Emil is very satisfied with the platform, which he also uses to create general information videos, for example, a Christmas Greeting from the CEO of Change, and besides that, he has also been very pleased with the survey function to, for example, get feedback quickly from 10 percent of the stores about, how it was to get products up on a hanger in advance.

Key takeaways

  • Give better product knowledge with videos
  • Course completion rates above 95% on onboarding and GDPR training
  • Higher sales numbers on specific products due to digital product training
  • Blended learning has become a part of the culture in Change




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