Uhrenholt is a family-owned, global food solutions provider that specializes in supplying quality dairy products to their customers. Founded in 1978, the company has grown to become a major player in the food industry, with its primary retail brand, Emborg, now marketed in more than 90 countries.  


Short on time? These were Uhrenholt's Main Challenges Before Implementing Learningbank:


Being a global company with employees spread over more than 20 countries, providing training for all implied high costs and hard to plan over the time zones.

"Before we started using e-learning and Learningbank, it was very costly to have trainings because then it was face-to-face and classroom training. That meant trainings was only made for a few people because else it would be too costly."

Hilde_circle Hilde Rotbakken Sønnichsen, Chief HR Officer at Uhrenholt

Yet another challenge they faced was that they did not have any standardized training programs. Much information was sent out, but they had no way to know whether their employees understood it or not
On top of that, there was a lot of manual paperwork and documents being sent back and forth, causing a lot of unnecessary administration.


Adopting the Learningbank platform has enabled Uhrenholt to create a better and more effective learning experience. Vinnie Finderup, Senior HR Business Partner at Uhrenholt, highlights the transformation: "Before, it wasn't training or learning. It was just information. And now we have the opportunity to train and give employees learning instead."

"For instance, our policies, IT security and such, that was more, we gave them the policy, and I think now, via the learning platform, we’re able to make it as a learning and not just information.", she continues.

The platform's intuitive design and ease of use empowered Uhrenholt's HR team to efficiently create and distribute learning content. Now they create training that wasn't even on the table before due to the high costs training used to entail. 

"The learning paths that we have created in the platform on our own, it's much like, just click on a button, and then it gets rolled out to the employees that should take the training.

Vinnie_circle Vinnie Finderup, Senior HR Business Partner at Uhrenholt


Short on time? Here are Uhrenholt's Main Results:


The impact of Learningbank at Uhrenholt is reshaping the learning and development in the organization. Hilde expresses the company's newfound alignment, stating; "We are now aligned all over the company.[...]and we can now do even more and even better training." This efficiency extends from pre- and onboarding to training in various areas such as product training and GDPR, ensuring a swift and consistent flow of information.  

The flexibility offered by the digital training through the platform allows employees to engage with training at their convenience, regardless of where in the world they are. The training Uhrenholt now provide have the ability to bridge geographical gaps, which is evident in Hilde's observation: "We work in a lot of different time zones, which have been a challenge before [...] but in the training, with the e-learning, we don't feel the time zones. We don't have to consider those there."

This seamless global connection fosters a sense of unity, transforming Uhrenholt into what Hilde affectionately calls the "Uhrenholt family": "It is also much more motivating for people far away from our head office as they all now get the same training as people at head office, so they feel more like part of the Uhrenholt family, as we call it."  

The positive reception from employees is a testament to the platform's success. Hilde shares the feedback received: "What we hear from our employees is that it's really, really good, and people are very positive about it and it almost exceeds their expectations and makes them see us as a more professional company. It's very motivating."

Hilde_circle Hilde Rotbakken Sønnichsen, Chief HR Officer at Uhrenholt

Vinnie echoes this sentiment with an anecdote: "The other day, an employee came to me and said; in my department, we would like to make some training for this topic that we are working with to make sure that all other employees know this." This proactive approach from employees signifies not only satisfaction but a genuine eagerness to contribute to, and benefit from the enhanced learning culture in the company since the implementation of the platform.

Vinnie_circle Vinnie Finderup, Senior HR Business Partner at Uhrenholt

Another good measurement of success with their digital training is their completion rates. And they are very proud to share that completion rates on their Code of Conduct, GDPR, and IT and Information Security- training now lie between 98-100%!

Tips from Uhrenholt:
How to Succeed with Your Learning Platform

  • Plan and Scope Well to Avoid Surprises. Keep in mind all the stakeholders you need to involve in your learning platform project. And also in the creation of specific learning paths. 

  • Start with Company-Specific and Relevant Content. Start with something company-specific that is relevant for most. 

  • Create Awareness of the Platform's Existence. For your digital training to be successful, it's not enough to create it. You need to make your employees aware that it exists. AND give them reminders!

  • Keep the Training Short & Relevant. Break it down. 5-10 minutes learning bites for better success.

  • Use Digital Learning to Support Face-To-Face Training. "The basic things that will be through e-learning. But of course, we still have to have the personal touch, the relation building and things like that." - Hilde

    See more specific tips from Uhrenholt here.

Key Takeaways

  • Makes it easy to reach the global workforce, removing time zone challenges for training
  • Provides a centralized place for employee learning and standardize training
  • Creates & rolls out engaging learning as easy as clicking a button
  • Reduces paperwork and training administration
  • Enables more training for all employees
  • Ensures employees reception and understanding of information/training