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Why should you use Service Learning Flow?

To more and more customers, service is the most important part of their buying experience. Actually, service alone can determine whether a customer will return or not. And in a time where everyone can share their experiences – good as well as bad – on social media, one unsatisfied customer can quickly turn into many!

As the internet’s inspirational quotes say: “Good customer service costs less than bad customer service”. Therefore, it’s important that employees know how they can provide good service – and steer clear of the bad.

Service training in practice

The Learning Flow will consist of 8 modules, with each of them focusing on different aspects of service. Because good service is more than just a smile or “Have a nice day” – and applies to more than just the classic Customer Service sector. The purpose of the Learning Flow is to give the users/employees an understanding of why service is important, what it entails (and does not entail), and how they can provide it.

In order to explain and “practice” each subject in the best way, the Learning Flow uses a combination of high-end gamification; practical real-life examples & scenarios from different sectors; tips and tricks; videos and audio clips.

Build lasting value by completing the entire learning flow

01. The importance of service

02. A helping hand

03. Attitude

04. The balancing act

05. Phone service

06. The extra mile

07. Complaint & conflict management

08. Upselling as a service

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