Stronger sense of belonging in Arbejdernes Landsbank with preboarding

How Arbejdernes Landsbank, one of Denmarks biggest banks, accelerated their preboarding process with Learningbank.

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Creating sense of belonging in preboarding with digital learning platform

You probably remember how it was to sign your employment contract. Maybe you were relieved, happy, sad, or something else? A feeling you probably did experience: You were excited to begin your new job.

But was that feeling enough to create a strong connection between you and the new workplace? Probably not and that was one of the reasons for Arbejdernes Landsbank to begin researching the possibility to develop a preboarding process for new colleagues.

“We would really like to accelerate the process for new colleagues, so they more quickly get a sense of belonging and an understanding of the AL culture,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup, HR Consultant at Arbejdernes Landsbank.

The challenge

In Arbejdernes Landsbank, there are approximately 1100 employees including its subsidiary company AL-Finans. And like with other companies, they can also feel that new tendencies are about to occur when people are planning their careers.

“It’s no secret that we are going to see a lot fewer 30th or 40th anniversaries than we once did. People are changing jobs more frequently today – also in AL,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup and continues:

“So, it was important for us to give new employees an understanding for who we are and a stronger sense of belonging to us faster.“  

That’s why Martin Wonsil Bastrup and his colleague Lene Overgaard began to meet with different providers who could help solve the challenge. Here, Learningbank stood out in various ways, first in regards to technology.

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The solution

It was a bit of a coincidence that Martin and Lene heard of Learningbank, to begin with. It was a business partner located next to AL-Finans, who had previously worked with Learningbank that explained what Learningbank could do.

After they had made the final choice to go with Learningbank, Martin and Lene were put together with Learningbank’s learning designers, consultants, and psychologists. A new digital preboarding solution was born.

Present and attentive In addition to the technology, Martin and Lene choose Learningbank because of their human qualities. “We also met with other companies that offered similar services, but where Learningbank really stands out is on the relational plan. We had great confidence in Learningbank, and exactly that matches very well with our values about attentiveness and trust. We also try to stand out in regard to our competitors,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup. After they had made the final choice to go with Learningbank, Martin and Lene were put together with Learningbank’s learning designers, consultants, and psychologists. “There were some really great meetings in which we were involved and listened to throughout the process. So, I think that it has worked really well – also when you look at the result, there have been some really fun gimmicks while you learn about the bank,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup.

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Find the code in the box

The preboarding solution for Arbejdernes Landsbank were launched in May 2018. They were designed based on gamification in which you use game mechanics in a context that generally isn’t game-based.

New employees play their way to basic knowledge about Arbejdernes Landsbank’s history and values. They will do that by interacting with the content and by solving tasks which continuously will give them the number combination to open the bank box with the gold at the end.

”We have received great feedback from all who have been through it. The managers, in particular, have told me that it is easy, accessible and that it has been a good and light introduction to what Arbejdernes Landsbank is and what we stand for. They think that the whole package is good, fun and professional,” says Martin Wonsild Bastrup.

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