What is Employee Experience?

In short, Employee Experience (EX) is all the interactions and experiences we get while we have a relation to a workplace: From the first impression, for example when we see the job post, to we wave goodbye to our colleagues at our final day. The working environment, including the actual office environment, work culture, and the right tech tools, as well as engagement, employee development, and pre - and onboarding are all part of EX.

Creating digital employee experiences can be done in many different ways. Here's three examples of how three different companies did it.

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7-Eleven - Digital Hygiene - and Security Training

The convenience franchise 7-Eleven is a famous brand all over the world. Food quality and alert employees are essentials. That's why Reitan Convenience Denmark A/S, whom is responsible for the brand in Denmark, looked for new ways to equip their employees with knowledge about hygiene and security - without taking employees out of the work cycle for an entire course day. The solution was gamified digital learning.

The buzzwords: Feedback, focus, interaction, and access were all in place. The learning games were available for everyone 24-7, and on the bus ride when the young employees handles their smartphone. Furthermore, the learning games involved interaction and a magnetic visual universe with a storyline that 7-Eleven employees could relate to. Read more about the digital hygiene - and security training here

Arbejdernes Landsbank - Preboarding

The Danish bank Arbejdernes Landsbank realized there would be fewer 30-year anniversaries for their employees in the future. Even so, they wanted to keep the employees for as long as possible, starting with creating a strong sense of belonging with digital preboarding.

Preboarding takes place prior to the first day after a new employee signs the contract. The preboarding solution for Arbejdernes Landsbank was a gamified, digital universe, where new employees learn about the values and history of the bank. Small interactive challenges come up on employees' way through the preboarding module to get the maximum learning outcome. Read more about the preboarding module here.   

McDonald's - Faster Training and All Systems in One Place

McDonald's has both digital hygiene training, an interactive pre - and onboarding universe and many more accessible digital training courses. Prior it was a big challenge to train new employees in the right pace, but with new digital opportunities training would speed up and still give the best knowledge for new employees.

Furthermore, McDonald's made sure that their employees can access all the content in one place. And that the other systems, such as the shift planning tool, also were accessible at the same place. That brings a smoother experience for employees, even for working remotely, who don't have to log-on to multiple platforms to navigate at their workplace. Read more about digital employee experience at McDonald's here.