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You read the book, and now you want more. This is where you find the references, the temples, the tools, and further readings. Just as the book, this resource page is also divided into part one and two. 

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What is a the Learning Playbook?

The Learning Playbook is a go-to guide designed for you, the company hero, who knows that learning is essential for people and organizations to thrive, grow, and succeed. ​

The book is filled with knowledge from experts and practitioners in the field of HR and L&D. Their expertise is broken down into actionable steps ready for you to adapt and apply in your own work and organization. ​


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Part 1: The plays resources

Play 3: Preboarding New Hires

Preboarding checklist:

E-book for further readings:

  • https://www.learningbank.io/preboarding-guide-2021
Play 4: Onboarding People
Onboarding template for the first 3 weeks:

Onboarding guide:

  • https://www.learningbank.io/onboarding-guide-2023
Play 5: Developing Deskless Workers

References and further readings:

Retail retention guide:

Construction & Manufacturing- Upskill your workers:

  • https://www.learningbank.io/manufacturing-construction-ebook
Play 6: How to Engage your Learners

Tools & Inspiration:

Learning Calendar Inspiration:

Learning Campaign Checklist:

  • https://content.learningbank.io/hubfs/Playbook_Learning_campaign_checklist.pdf 

Further Readings:

Play 8: How to Save Time Creating Learning
Play 9: Reboarding Employees after Time of Absence
Play 12: Combining Digital with On-the-floor Training
References and further reading:

Examples of companies combining digital & and on-the-floor training and how they do it:

Play 13: Offboarding People Leaving

Offboarding Guide (info on Outplacement program and Alumni Network can be found in here):


Part 2 resources

1. Learning Styles

Further info:
Honey & Mumford: The Reflector, The Theorist, The Pragmatist, and The Activist, explained: 


3. Learning Platforms

Further readings:

4: The Modern Learner

References and further reading:

5. Blended Learning

References & further readings:


7. Stretched Learning
8. From Learning Strategy to Real Life Impact
References & further reading:
10. Future of Learning

Further information:

Ebook: future work life: