Branded Learning Content

Building fantastic digital learning content is rarely a one-way street. You can do it yourself and use an authoring tool in an LMS (Learning Management System). Or you can add prebuilt learning from sources such as LinkedIn Learning or other learning stores.

Finally, if you do not have the resources yourself in-house or want something bespoke and extraordinary for your employees, you can get the experts to create the learning content (or entire universes) for you.

This is one of our key services in Learningbank, and here, we will give you insights about the process and the price ranges if you want to get awesome learning content your employees will love. 

The Process

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We take your needs and your learners' needs very seriously. During the kick-off, you will meet both the person who sold you the learning content, a Learning Designer, a Learning & Adoption Manager, and/or a Project Manager. We will talk about the greater context for creating this learning content and the learning objectives.

We believe in stretched learning, and a 'learners first approach' to maximize the impact of the learning. This is, of course, considered as well for your learning project. Hence why we together will also talk about how many learning modules you need in the final learning path according to the learning objectives, the length of the modules, and what audience you target. Furthermore, we will view your CVI (Corporate Visual Identification) and investigate how we can brand the learning content to ensure that it fits into your world. 


Now, the creative muscles start working, when we have the learning objectives for your learning project and an understanding of your audience. The storyboard process is very agile, where you will have an ongoing say about how the tone of voice and visuals will turn out in the final learning path. If we are dealing with a complex topic, such as compliance (for example, GDPR, IT Security, or Code of Conduct), we recommend that you include an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in this phase of the process.

Before we move on to the next phase, we will make sure that the learning objectives are clear, when we look at the final storyboard. 


Building time. The production phase is agile too, and you will most likely have 2-3 reviews before launching the learning content.

Testing is key, and here, we will also assemble a test group of the end-users/learners, who can provide feedback for the learning - again to maximize your learning efforts. The test group can also consist of your CEO, a Compliance Officer, or other stakeholders. However, we will always recommend you to use a wider audience for the testing to keep the 'learners first' in mind at all times. 


Pop the confetti. It is launch time. However, here we will not leave you to be on your own. Learner engagement and adoption to your learning platform are everything to get your new learning content to sparkle. Together, we will have an ongoing conversation about the next steps and how to activate your learners. 

Get the Right Price for Your Bespoke Learning Project

Yes, yes, yes - but what does it all cost, you say? It depends on the scale of your learning project. Some of the factors that determine the price are:

  • Topic and impact
  • Existing materials 
  • Number of audiences and level of personalization 
  • Level of interaction
  • The scale of the visual universe

Before moving to the specific numbers, it is important to consider the investment you are going to make. For example, you expect to onboard 100 new people in a short period of time. Here, the business case is that you want to optimize time to performance and create better employee retention by elevating your digital onboarding process with extraordinary learning content. The investment in a larger learning content production, here, will probably return itself quickly, because the learning content can create great value for your new employees (and the company bottom line by reducing time to performance), and you can re-use the content year after year. 

Whereas, if you want to create learning content about a topic with a short life-span, for example, product knowledge about a season-based clothing line or other frequent campaigns, then it will not make sense to invest in a larger learning content production. But no need to worry if you are in doubt about the scale of your project. The investment case is something we will also determine together as part of the sales- and scoping phase.  

Build your own business case by using our template or use our onboarding calculator to determine your costs.  

Now, let's go to the number details. 

We usually split the productions into three levels - always with the learner in mind and a huge focus on microlearning and stretched learning. 


If you require a high level of flexibility, we can easily support you to create a simple learning production with 2-4 micromodules directly in the authoring tool (The Modulemaker).

Most often in the price range of € 3.360 - € 10.000. 

This solution will also provide you with graphics that you can use when you need to expand your learning in the platform on your own going forward.


Flexible and More Interactions

Following the above, we can easily expand your solution with some extra engagement and retention, for example, if we add a jeopardy - or/and a horse track quiz. A possibility is also adding an explainer video that will touch the learners' hearts. As such, a medium-sized production with a learning path with 3-6 modules: € 13.430 - € 33.590


Gamified Learning Universes

Again, keeping the learners first and for topics that are more fixed, we can create next-level learning with a high level of interaction, gamification, and personalization according to specific job roles. This solution will stay true to microlearning and stretched learning, push the limit, and let the learners enjoy learning that will change their mindset from I have to learn, to I want to learn:€ 40.300 - € 80.630 


Updates & Maintenance

No matter what, we are always here to support you, and in these cases, we will settle on an hourly rate or a bundle of hours. 

Do you want to create the content all on your own and use our Learning Lifecycle Platform to get started? Learn more about how you can create and import learning content right here, or see our timeline for when you can go live with your content.