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Employees in the financial sector need much more than just onboarding and compliance training. New roles, responsibilities, products, and services are constantly being created to adapt to all of the changes in the financial industry.

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Investing in Employees

Creating and sustaining a competitive advantage in the Financial Services Industry always comes down to the employees.

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Arbejdernes Landsbank wanted to accelerate the process for new colleagues, so they more quickly got a sense of belonging and an understanding of the culture. Luckily, the feedback showed that new employees got up to speed faster.

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More automation, more segmentation

Lunar has created all of their learning in Learningbank’s Learning Lifecycle Platform, where they also have used the opportunity to suit the content to different departments and levels. They work with a segmentation approach, where they combine the employees with relevant learning.

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Strong negotiating skills and ‘soft skills’

Employees working with corporate clients in Danske Bank train their skills in ‘strategic customer dialogue’ here under the ability to negotiate with a digital training. The keywords are a coherent strategic change proces and a consistent Nordic customer experience. 




The Must-Know Statistics


Great onboarding leads to 70% higher employee productivity

Source: Glassdoor survey


of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if there is investment in their learning and development

Source: LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2019


of L&D professionals feel that the skills gaps negatively impact their companies

Source: LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2020


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