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How to Create Training Programs for Retail Employees

What kinds of training does a retail employee need? Well. It's easier to say what a retail employee doesn't need. But that's probably not why you've...

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Happier Employees: 6 Tips to Elevate your Employee Wellbeing Strategy

In this article, we will look into employee wellbeing, what is it, and how to create a wellbeing strategy, with a few tips. Or maybe the employee...

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The Best Tips and Research about the Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid workplace is trending. No doubt about that. However, when COVID-19 hit there was not much time to strategize and people rushed into sudden...

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Change is coming: Edit your published Learning Paths

Yes, we are upgrading the platform. Again. But don’t you worry, we promise, the changes are for the better and most things will still work and look...

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Upskilling and Reskilling: What Is the Difference?

Upskilling is the process when an employee achieves new skills to do her or his job better. Reskilling is when an employee achieves skills to handle...

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Future Work Life: How to Juggle the New Hybrid & Remote Workplace

Sweats, cereal bowls, feet up, and the laptop on your thighs. Working remotely from home became the reality we will never forget. Now, a lot of us...

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The Price: Get Awesome Learning Content Your Employees Will Love

Building fantastic digital learning content is rarely a one-way street. You can do it yourself and use an authoring tool in an LMS (Learning...

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Learner Dashboard magic

With this release, we made some changes to the learners' dashboard. Let’s start with the most noticeable change. We have updated some titles and...

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How to Create Outstanding Content with SMEs

New idea. Research. Create. Launch. New idea. Research. Create. Launch. New idea. Research. Create. Launch ... Getting a bit tired of the same old...

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Sneak Peek: Nordic Learning Trends 2021/22

A clean slate? Or new inspiring ideas for your learning strategies moving into 2022? Maybe you have not even given it a lot of thought - yet. Anyway,...

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