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Learning Lifecycle

Employee Experience at McDonald's

Learn how McDonald’s strenghtened their Employee Experience, onboarding and training using Learningbank.

Digital learning and training

Interactive learning games at 7-Eleven


Learn how 7-Eleven use digital interactive learning games to train employees in Hygiene and Safety at work. 

Sense of belonging in Arbejdernes Landsbank

preboarding arbejdernes landsbank

How Arbejdernes Landsbank, one of Denmarks biggest banks, accelerated their preboarding process with Learningbank.

Danske Bank digitally empowers employees


Learn how Danske Bank empower employees and enabling them to negotiate solutions that generate value for the bank.


Onboarding and competency in CHANGE

change learning training

In less than a year CHANGE launched a web shop, ERP system and new digital learning & onboarding to its employees.

Gamification sets new standards at Nespresso


Nespresso faced a comprehensive training task prior to their new customer program. They turned to digital training with succes.