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First Aid

First Aid on the job

✔️ 8 micro-learning modules

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IT Security

The Sensei's guide to IT Security

✔️ 7 micro-learning modules

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How to master stress

✔️ 10 micro-learning modules

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Workplace Ergonomics - Strong habits for your working day 

✔️ 4 micro-learning modules

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DISC Leadership

DISC - Be a better you

✔️ 3 micro-learning modules

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GDPR – On the floor

✔️ 7 micro-learning modules

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GDPR - The gamified learning experience

✔️ 8 micro-learning modules

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Conflict Management

The skills of Conflict Management 

✔️ 3 micro-learning modules

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IT Security

The essentials of IT security

✔️ 5 micro-learning modules

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How to deliver worldclass service

✔️ 8 micro-learning modules

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Climate - It starts with you

 ✔️ 4 micro-learning modules

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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion - The future of work

✔️ 8 micro-learning modules

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Sales Training

The Art of Selling - Part 1 & 2

✔️ 9 micro-learning modules

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Employee Well-being

Mental well-being - the healthy workplace

✔️ 2 micro-learning modules

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UN Global Goals

Global Goals – Make a difference

✔️ 7 micro-learning modules

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Preventing sexism in the workplace

✔️ 6 micro-learning modules

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Hygiene - How to win the bacteria battle

✔️ 9 micro-learning modules

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Work Environment Organisation

✔️ 4 micro-learning modules

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The anti-corruption fight

✔️ 5 micro-learning modules

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Competition Law

Competition Law - Explained

✔️ 4 micro-learning modules

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Stars"I think that the SCORM-files are really amusing and really nice way to learn, very interactive and that related as well to generally the gamification."

Tove Christine Duncan-Jones, Vivino


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A few frequently asked questions

✔️ Do you have industry-specific content?

Some learning paths are better suited to specific industries, like 'The Safe Lifting Techniques' in the Ergonomic learning path, which is perfect for production/manufacturing employees, or the Hygiene training for employees working with food.
✔️ Can the learning paths be customized?

All learning paths can be customized for your company. You can also edit some parts of the learning paths in the Modulemaker, our content creator tool. But the SCORM-files can not be edited by you.
✔️ How was this content created?

Our in-house team of designers and learning experts focuses on developing the storyline and gamified experience while collaborating closely with subject matter experts from various fields.
✔️ Is there more languages of the content?

All the learning paths are available in different languages. If a learning path is not in your preferred language we'll try to meet your needs. 
✔️ Can the content be placed in my existing LMS?

Our learning content is an integral part of Learningbank's Learning Lifecycle Platform and cannot be implemented into other LMS systems.
✔️ What if we want more specific content?

We can help with content creation for specific topics in collaboration with you and based on your materials.

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